Frank Akpan, killer of Iniubong Umoren has told Journalists why he killed his victim, Daily Dates Nigeria reports.

The suspected killer of Iniubong Umoren gave detailed information on how he killed her while he was being paraded at the Akwa Ibom State Police Command on Friday.

The suspected killer said Umoren’s refusal to have sex with him led to her death.

According to him, the job seeker had earlier agreed to have protected sex with him which he later disagreed with.


He said, “while I removed the condom, she became furious and took the nearby stabilizer to hit me on my head…she tried to reach for the door.

“While trying to stop her, I used the stabilizer to hit her head, when I hit her, she fell and started bleeding …and she died.”

Commissioner of police Amiengheme Andrew had earlier announced that the suspected killer raped, killed, and buried her in a shallow grave.

Akpan had invited the deceased for a job interview at Airport Road, Ibiaku junction on April 29, but that was the last time anyone heard from Umoren until her corpse was found 48 hours after.