Aloy Ejimakor, Lawyer to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu,  has said his client never told youths to destroy Nigeria.

Ejimakor said this while reacting to a message he received which states that Kanu gave the order to youths while in the custody of the Department of State Services.

The message read, “Destroy Nigeria when I’m no longer there, my death can’t stop Biafra. I’m just one person out of millions of Biafrans – Nnamdi Kanu urges youths from DSS custody.

“I’ve been starved for three weeks, beaten and electrocuted, yet the more they torture me, the more my spirit gets high. I will die anyway, but Biafra will come.


“The good news of Biafra must be preached anytime, anywhere, without fear or favour.

“I’m here because of Biafra, I’m suffering here because of you. Don’t fail me, don’t disappoint me because, in the end, Biafra will come.”

Reacting, Ejimakor tweeted, “DISCLAIMER: Several persons have sent me the message below, asking if it’s true. Well, my answer is this: It’s NOT TRUE. I met Onyendu several times & he NEVER uttered such words. Pls be guided. Thank you.”