“Anambra is Not Imo State”

Of course Anambra State is Not Imo State, and would never be.

These two states in the southeast of Nigeria mean different things, and occupy different places for Ndigbo and Nigeria.

And that is a beautiful thing because even siblings have different destinies. Yet, they work together to build their communities and make their families proud.

In their different ways, Anambra State plays her part for Ndigbo and Nigeria, just as Imo State does her best.

One then wonders why the mouthpiece of the out-going APGA government, and Communications Director of their campaign, for the 2021 governorship election, Honorable Commissioner C. Don Adinuba, would state the obvious?

As if he is threatening anyone when he declared that “Anambra is not Imo State”

In my mind, this is yet another evidence of the panic and jitteriness of APGA, along with PDP and the nascent YPP in this election.

They have been concerned and unsettled since the emergence of Senator Andy Uba as the governorship candidate of APC in the said election.

Since then, they have been floating so many “Electioneering Handles” hoping that one catches on that they would use to confuse, bamboozle and deceive Ndi Anambra State again.

But, alas! Our people have gotten wise to their deciets and with greater political understanding than when they played and cheaply traded with our emotions and sentiments.

Given the renaissance of Igboness in Nigeria and the quest for a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction, here are political parties where one (APGA) exists only in Anambra State, and the other one (PDP) after 16 years at the helm federally in Abuja, has no significant infrastructure or other presence in all of the southeast including in Anambra State.

For the November 6th, 2021 governorship election in Anambra State, they were banking on their usual bag of tricks until Senator Andy Uba and his “Igwebuike Agenda for a Better Anambra State” emerged.

Since then, they have been unnerved, unsettled, panicked, confused and totally discombobulated.

As is usually the case when an animal is confused and afraid, they have descended to basic animalistic instincts by juvenalizing the seriousness of the coming governorship election.

First, they said APC and Andy Uba are planning and coming to rig to win the election.

Ndi Anambra asked:
“How? In this age?!” What and where are the evidence?

So they dropped that handle.

When the list of APC’s National Campaign Council for the Anambra State Governorship was released, their fear escalated at the Armada that was assembled against them, and they claimed:
“APC has raised an Invasion Squad” to occupy Anambra State.

Ndi Anambra returned with:
“Raise your own squad!”

But, with their abysmal performance in governance over the years, who would dare to stand with them?

APGA is in court in almost every geopolitical region of Nigeria, trying to figure out who their chairman and candidate for the election are. Confusion!

YPP is busy campaigning in Turkey.

Meanwhile, almost every known name in PDP politics in Anambra State is either abandoning and leaving the party; or is writing a disclaimer in national dalies and on Social Media to disown and distance themselves from the PDP campaign in Anambra State.

With innaugration of the APC’s National Campaign Council, under the distinguished Chairmanship of H.E Senator Hope Uzodima (Onwa Ndi Imo), just this Tuesday past, what was left of the lives of APGA and PDP further fell apart such that their centres are no longer holding.

Clutching at straws for hopes of survival, their next handle is the copycat slogan:


“Anambra is not (Abughi) Imo State”.

Of course not! We agree that Anambra State is Not (Abughi) Imo State, and would never be.

Although their governance showed no vision nor original thinking, they also could not come up with an original thought for this their lastest electioneering handle.

Otherwise, they should have known that “Anambra is not Edo State” where they plagiarized “Edo is not Lagos” from, in the desperate, but failed attempt to deceive Ndi Anambra.

Be that as it may, “Sloganizing” would not save APGA and PDP in this election.

Ndi Anambra know good works when they see one.

What Anambra wants is a party and candidate that would deliver the goods of good governance to them.

But, the Performance Score Cards of APGA and PDP in Anambra State show them not to be good at good governance.

Security Architecture in the state broke down and failed. Ndi Anambra are literally locked down and are afraid to even walk the streets to conduct their businesses.

Education and Healthcare Standards have fallen.

The Business Environment is stiffled with multiple taxation, intimidation, cronyism and decaying Infrastructures.

The list is long and goes on and on.

APC and Andy Uba challenge them to show evidence to the contrary.

On the other hand, Senator Andy Uba understands the issues that are important and that would impact on the lives of Ndi Anambra.

Just like APC has taken over and is delivering on long abandoned projects by APGA and the PDP, in Anambra State and the southeast; such as the Enugu-Onitsha, Oba-Nnewi-Okigwe, Enugu-Port Harcourt express roads, the 2nd. Niger Bridge, School Feeding and Trader Moni Programs and so many others, APC and Senator Andy Uba are coming to deliver good governance with “The Igwebuike Agenda for a Better Anambra State”:

Anamabra State needs and deserves to be Safe and Secured (Security) for life and business to prosper.

Anambra State must lead in Education, Technology and Research

We must Transform our Food System to achieve Food Security and exportable Food Value Chain using our youths’ energy and innovations

We must make Anambra State the Preferred Destination for Medical Tourism and the Epicentre of Medical Research in Nigeria and Africa

And allow us Great Experiences with our Culture and Sports.

Anambra wants a futuristic Human Capital Development that prepares our youths to compete globally without forgeting to locally appreciate and reward the past services of our elders (In the Spirit of “Thinking Globally, but Acting Locally”)

All these within enviable ambience of Open Green Spaces, Clean and polution-free Environment and bequeathable Infrastructures in the state.

Andy Uba and APC are going to win, and would win fair and square.

Just as no amount of unfounded, concocted and mindless lies, propaganda and blackmail would stop the good governance that Anambra State needs and deserves, no copycat “Sloganizing”, no matter how sleek and fanciful, would help APGA and PDP at the November 6th, 2021 election.

Igwebuike is coming, fair and square. Join us!

Written by Chibuzor O. Obiakor
Ikenga-Okwelume n’Ogidi
August 20, 2021.