It is exciting, refreshing and assuring that President Bola Tinubu’s recent appointment demonstrates his inclusive approach and responsibility to good governance.

He ensured that every stakeholder and relevant individual had a voice in the selection process. It is noteworthy that the appointments covered all six geopolitical zones and prioritized the appointment of technocrats rather than politicians.

This decision is commendable because the technocrats have excelled in their respective career, possessing proven track record of successes and their wealth of knowledge, to undoubtedly contribute to the progress of our dear nation.

There were concerns about potential conflicts between the appointed Special Advisers (SAs) and ministers that will form the Federal Executive Council, but it is important to recognize that President Tinubu has a clear vision for their respective roles. He understands the intricacies of their positions and will define their responsibilities in a manner that avoids any clashes.


This appointment of technocrats as SAs also indicates that President Tinubu values competence and expertise in his administration. This bodes well for the future, as it suggests that ministers, regardless of their political affiliations, will also be capable hands entrusted with managing ministries and national affairs.

It is crucial to remember that while the SAs have the President’s ear and provide advice, they are not infallible. Only God is perfect. However, given their closeness and close dealing with the President through daily interactions, it is important that they possess a high level of competency and are capable of offering sound guidance. President Tinubu’s careful selection process ensures that he does not make any mistakes in choosing his SAs or any other appointees.

_Arabinrin Aderonke is an award-winning investigative journalist, Good Governance, Gender Rights and Peace Advocate. She writes from Abuja._