Senior Civil Servants Expected At Work As TUC Opts Out Of NLC Strike

Contrary to the assumption that all the civil servants are affected by the warning strike, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has opted out on Tuesday morning.

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) led by President, Joe Ajaero had previously announced a two-day warning strike.

Following this development, members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN), a trade union under the TUC representing senior staff in the Nigerian Civil Service are expected at work.

President of the TUC, Festus Osifo has also urged the NLC to intensify dialogue with the government, an approach it has adopted.

Osifo after meeting Labour Minister Simon Lalong said, “As of today, the need to embark on a nationwide strike hasn’t arisen hence the leadership of congress should intensify the conversation with government so that all grey areas identified could be ironed out within the time frame given.”

The labour union is protesting the rising cost of living, which followed the removal government scrapped petrol subsidy that cost the government about $10 billion yearly.


The NLC rebuffed talks with the new labour minister, Simon Lalong on Monday, as it said it will embark on the warning strike, preparatory for “total and indefinite shutdown of the nation” later in the month.

Ajaero insisted the strike can only be averted when steps are taken by the government to address the “excruciating mass suffering and impoverishment being experienced around the country.”

Lalong appealed to the NLC to shelve the strike, saying that such action would be detrimental to plans of the government.

The Minister said, “It has become pertinent to appeal to the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend its intended two-day warning strike, as such action would be detrimental to the gains already being recorded on our course to securing a greater future of Nigerian workers and citizens at large.

At the meeting between the minister and TUC, Osifo said some of the issues requiring urgent attention included implementation of palliatives and wage award.