The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has announced the exit of its top management staff who have less than 15 months to retire.

About 91 managers, across six managerial levels of Deputy Manager to Executive Vice President at the Nigerian National Company Limited (NNPC) have been showed the door in a major shakeup.

“In our bid to pursue effective organisational renewal to support the delivery of our strategic business objectives, it has become imperative to rejuvenate our workforce,” the statement read.


According to the statement, the shakeup is in line with its commitment to “scale up NNPC Ltd.’s capabilities through targeted talent management and equal opportunity for all Nigerians.”

The levels affected are M6- Deputy Managers, M5 – Manager, M4 – General Manager, M3 Group General Manager, M2 – Executive Vice President (EVP).

About 63 of the people affected are menwhile 23 are women. Five of them are at the level of EVP, 11 are Group General Managers, 25 are General Managers and 36 are managers.