SGF Akume Highlights Tinubu’s Achievements At Sun Newspaper Award Ceremony

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume has highlighted key achievements of President Bola Tinubu since assumption of office.

Senator Akume who spoke as the Chairman of SUN Newspaper 2023 Award Ceremony at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos said President Bola Tinubu in less than nine months on the saddle recorded positive accomplishments in diverse sector.

Full speech below:






It is with immense pride that I stand before you today at this esteemed ceremony: The Sun Awards 2023. This gathering serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the remarkable Nigerians who selflessly contribute to our nation’s progress. I commend The Sun newspaper for consistently recognizing such individuals, inspiring us all to strive for excellence.

Let me convey my heartfelt congratulations to all our esteemed awardees! Your achievements across diverse fields serve as a testament to the determined spirit and potential of Nigerians. Being singled out by a publication like The Sun, renowned for its critical analysis and professionalism, is indeed, a true honor Furthermore. I applaud The Sun for its commitment to seeking out and celebrating exceptional Nigerians. By highlighting their contributions, you encourage not only individual growth but also national development. This recognition fosters a sense of purpose and motivates others to emulate such dedication.

Nation-building is a collective endeavour, requiring the active participation of both the government and its citizens. While the government discharges its moral and constitutional obligations, it behooves the citizenry to also reciprocate through loyalty. hard work and commitment to nationhood.

I therefore use this medium to urge all Nigerians, irrespective of professional calling. tribe, creed or persuasion, to strive to be part of the solution, actively seeking ways to contribute to our nation’s progress. Even seemingly small actions, when multiplied by millions, can create a significant positive impact. Remember, every effort, however big or small, contributes to the collective good.

Dear compatriots, like many nations. Nigeria faces challenges. However, it is crucial to acknowledge our collective resilience in overcoming past adversities. We emerged stronger from the civil war, navigated economic recessions, and persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilient Nigerian spirit defines us as a nation as sets us apart.

The administration administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu shall remain steadfast in its commitment to building a brighter future for all Nigerians, under the RENEWED HOPE AGENDA. While progress may seem slow at times, the vision for a better tomorrow remains resolute. We shall soon navigate successfully, the current economic challenges. Let us join hands and support the government’s efforts, united in our pursuit of a truly great Nigeria.

Let me at this point, place on record that despite the humongous inherited and emerging socio-economic challenges, the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. GCFR has in less than nine months on the saddle recorded positive accomplishments in diverse sector. The following represent the synopsis of a few of these accomplishments:

(i) Agriculture and Industrial Development:

(a) Increase in supply of subsidized fertilizer

(b) Supply of farm inputs such as seedlings and implements

(c) Expansion of investment in agricultural irrigation to increase food production

(d) Establishment of Skills Acquisition Centers by NASENI

(e) Strengthening of MSME Development Fund and the Bank of Industry (801)

(ii). Food Security:

(a) Declaration of State of Emergency on Food scarcity

(b) Set up intervention on food security, food pricing and sustainability

(c) Checkmating the activities of saboteurs hoarding palliatives, smugglers of food, and other commodities

(iii) Infrastructure

(a) Acceleration and investment in the construction of roads, bridges, etc to improve movement of persons, goods and services:

(b) Expansion of rail and air transportation services

(c) Reforms in the energy sector and ascent to the electricity bill into law


(d) Expansion of the national grid

(e) Active engagement with Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) to be involved in product allocation and distribution as well as facilitation of the transition from PMS to CNG powered transportation systems to reduce cost of transportation.

(iv). Health Sector:

(a) Resolved the perennial crisis of the health sector workers

(b) Signed the health renewal compact with subnational entities and development partners

(vi). National Security

(a) Reformed the security architecture

(b) Procured advanced weaponry and systems for the Armed Forces

(c) Escalated the intelligence based security management to higher levels

(d) Increased Kinetic engagements with bandits and insurgents

(e) Clear and concise instructions to service Chiefs and field commanders in all security operations

(vi). Cushioning the Impact of Fuel Subsidy Removal

(a) Engagement with labour to establish industrial harmony

(b) Granted wage award for workers

(c) Established the Tripartite Committee on National Minimum Wage

(d) Released grains for distribution of food to the poor

(e) Expanded social safety net programs to support additional 15 million poor families

(ix) Education:

(a) Reforms in the Students Loans Structure for easy access to education

(b) Establishment of Central Bank Intervention Fund for Public Educational Institutions

(x). Economy:

(a) Reforms in the Central Bank

(b) Revamping of the Fiscal and monetary policies

(c) Tax Reforms

(d) Accomplished 3% growth of the Nigerian economy despite multi dimensional local and regional challenges

(e) Initiated policies to address structural and institutional challenges to economic diversification

Nigeria needs the SUN GROUP in collaboration with all well meaning entities and individuals to promote her strength, celebrate her successes and showcase her talents. so that we can all build a nation that we shall be proud of and bequeath to our upcoming generations.

Finally, let me say thank you once again to The Sun Group for organizing this annual awards. May the stories of our awardees continue to inspire us all. Together, let us build a nation that reflects our collective potential and promise.

God bless our nation